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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Soap and Glory Pulp Friction Body Scrub Review

Available At Boots for £8.00

Hey guys, I have been loving this product at the moment and hands down this is my all time favorite exfoliator, it's one of soap&glorys award winners no surprise, this body scrub for me is like a body scrub and shower gel in one, it has the texture and consistency of a light weight shower gel but then it has them amazing vitamin balls that scrubs your skin without any harshness with the end result being VERY smooth skin that smells gorgeous. 

As you can see from the above image the vitamin balls are tiny little beads that are able to remove all your dead skin cells when you scrub your skin and it is not harsh at all but you do feel that is is scrubbing your skin which personally I love as I know my dead skin cells are going to be gone, where as with a cheaper body scrub you can not really tell since the beads are so weak, it also foams up really well which helps keeps the skin smoother and less dry as some body scrubs can get the skin dry. 

This product made my skin so smooth, I even used a tiny bit on my face as it made it feel super smooth and got rid of any dirt and oil on my face that I had, I don't really recommend using it on the face because it is body scrub and it can be really harsh if you have sensitive skin but I risked it and it worked perfectly.

As for smell it smells lovely like all of the s&g products, the bottle is also quite big and will definitely last you a good 6 months or so. The bottle is £8 which I think is a good deal, if you get it from boots you can also use your boots points if you have enough ^_^

I don't think nothing will replace this product for a long time that is how much I love it, let me know what you like of the product and if you love it as much as me :) 


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