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Friday, 27 September 2013

Just In: Heart Lights ❤

Hello lovelies I am a sucker for fairy lights in my room always wanted some in my room so when I found these hearts with lights inside I instantly wanted them. I purchased these from B&M which is a store that has kind of everything from food, toys, kitchen appliances, beauty stuff and best of all the most affordable and beautiful home decor items.  For anyone wanting some home decor items for reasonable prices then B&M is the best place. 

These lights were only £3.99, they are basically wired hearts with a sort of thread wrapped around them to create the woven effect, with fairy lights put inside them.  They are battery powered which I love because its just so easy to set up. There are 10 heart lights on the wire which went perfectly on my head board.  

I love these lights it just makes my room feel more homely and relaxing when I have these on with my main light turned off, I love just laying down on my bed with these on and watching some YouTube videos with a cup of green tea ^.^ 

Do you like fairy lights in your room? 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Offer Alert: Free Body Shop Hand Cream

Hello lovelies, Body Shop are giving away a totally catch free 30ml hand cream via, I saw this offer pop up in my inbox and I just assumed I would need to spend more but after reading other blogs I found out its totally free! I didn't waste no time and went to nearest body shop to pick up this amazing freebie. 

Hurry though its running until Sunday 29th September! 

How to get it: All you have to do is fill out your details in this form here and you will receive your code which you will be required print off and show at the till point at body shop. 

You can also get the vouchercodes app on your phone and get the code from there which is what I done, I just simply went on the app and then clicked the offer to show the code and then showed the code to the sales assistant. 

The available hand creams to chose from are - Hemp Hand Protector, Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream, Wild Rose Hand Cream and Almond Hand & Nail Cream.  

I really wanted the almond hand cream but they were all sold out :( so I picked up the Hemp Hand Protector as it was specifically for very dry skin which I thought will be perfect for winter.

The hand cream is lovely and moisturizing it definitely makes my hands feel really soft and it remains soft too, I'm not too fond of the smell of this but it doesn't smell when you rub it into your hands, I have also found that a little goes a long way with this hand cream so I can imagine this little freebie will last me ages. 

P.S They are also doing a 40% off code too if you look on the vouchercodes website/app

Let me know if you pick up this freebie

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Whats In My Bag + Make Up Bag ♡

Hello lovelies I love readings whats in my bag posts I am always so interested in what people carry even though people always say its boring I always love everything they have. 

Here is my bag, it is a dkny bag which was gifted to me by my best friend, I love this bag its perfect for uni its not too big or small and it can hold a lot of useless shit! 

I did try to present the contents of my bag nicely in this picture but I think I failed, as you can see I have 2 smaller bags to contain all the little things I carry.

This is my make up bag, which holds things I think I never use on a daily basis apart from my beloved Nivea Lip Butter which I love. 

The other things in my make up bag that might be a life saver in a difficult beauty situation are 

Handy Fold-able Comb + Essential Cotton Buds For Any Eye Makeup Smudges 
My Beloved Maybelline Fit Me Powder That I Have Used To Death! 
Benefit Pocket Pal Lip & Cheek Stain Perfect For A Light Tint, It Stays On For Ages Too. 
 Soap & Glory Hand Food A Life Saver For Dry Hands! Love It 
Nars Tinted Moisturiser Sample Just In Case I Ever Need It, I Rather Put Samples In My Make Up Bag Than It Rot In My Room For God Knows How Long. 
My Paris Mirror ^.^ 

Does anyone else carry a make up bag but never use anything?  

Next up is my little tech bag, this is a small Dior bag which was part of a gift set. 

Inside I have the most random electric fan, it came in handy when the UK had a heatwave and me and my bestfriend were using this on the bus while everyone was jealous hehe. 

And then I have the boring things, headphones, memory card/usb (my actual life no joke), tablet USB adapter and finally my Iphone

These have to be the most important in my bag, my loved Samsung tablet which I think is amazing (sorry for the childish hello kitty wallpaper kinda obsessed haha) , next my Prada glasses that I actually cant see anything without and finally my little notebook where I note down everything I have to do or any lists, I have so many list making apps but there is something about writing it down and crossing it off with a pen, anyone feel the same? 

And last of all I have a perfume on me which is a miniature Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume, I have my purse and my oyster card and obviously Nandos card haha I love my nandos :D and finally some polos which is self explanatory. 

And that is it all organised into my little bags, this really helps me keep the inside of my bad tidy but sometimes everything just magically come out :/ 

Have you done a whats in my bag post, link it below and I would love a read ^.^ 

Friday, 13 September 2013

▲Ebay Wish List #1 ▼

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

▲ August Favourites ▲

Hello lovelies I have my not so regular favourites today I missed last month just for the obvious reason that I never change up my products but this month I have used each product religiously in my daily routine. 

This Bobbie Brown Neutrals Palette (Limited Edition) was bought a long time ago from off-duty when I went on holiday, I never really found a real purpose  for it until a few months ago I started to use this on my eyebrows, I have very dark brows proper black so I find it hard to fill my brows in with a pencil because it just looks too fake so using black eye shadow really blends in with my brows and matches the colour completely. I also use the neutral shades as a brow highlighter or to mix with the black eye shadow to put at the front of my brows as just the black shadow on its own can look fake and too much for the short hairs at the front. So basically I'v made this into my very own little HD Brows palette.    

I used to use the Sleek Face Contour Kit all the time and then stopped  but rediscovering this again I have fallen in love with it again, the colour is just right for contouring but what I love about it the most is actually the highlighter, it gives such a nice sheen to the skin and its not glittery at all which is one of the things I hate in  products, this highlighter blends into the skin really well and also with the contour shade itself. 

I wear a lot of eyeliner and mascara and getting rid of it at the end of the day can be a pain, the Simple Nourishing Eye Make-Up Remover Cream is amazing at removing all that black eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow so easily. I just simply put the cream on a cotton pad and place it over my eye for around 5-10 seconds and magically it dissolves all the make up without stinging my eyes or making them irritate. I really love this stuff the only negative is that it leaves a greasy residue on the face but I normally wash my face after anyways so its not a big problem. 

Now I wont go on about this too much as I have a full review on the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation expressing my love for it Here, but this foundation has really been my favourite ever since I purchased it, the finish is so nice and covers my blemishes without looking cakey.  

In conjunction with the foundation I have also been loving the Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder I also have a full review on this Here, but I personally think its one of the best drugstore powders, it gives a lovely matte yet not cakey finish and sets my foundation nicely. 

♪♫ And my favourite song of the month has to be Drake-Hold On We're Going Home, I have been playing it non-stop nearly all month, along with the amazing cover of this by Pia Mia even though both are the same song they are both so different and dam catchy ♪♫

Hope you all enjoyed my favourites this month, what have your favourites been, do we have the same ones? ^.^