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Monday, 27 January 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review

Available At Boots For £7.99
Hello lovelies I picked up the Maybelline  baby skin primer the other day because I saw a lot of reviews of this floating around so wanted to give it a try. 

I'v been using this underneath my nars sheer glow and i'm in two minds of this product. When first applied onto the skin I immediately felt my fingers feel a little greasy which was not a good sign, however it went on the skin smoothly and didn't make my face look oily or greasy apart from my nose area which was the most visible where the product sort of sat there in the sides of my nose.

After applying unfortunately I failed to notice it covering my pores like the product suggests it will, but it did make my skin feel really soft and made foundation apply on effortlessly. 

With Primer On Under Make- Up

While I was wearing this through out the day it didn't really make no difference to my foundation as I still got oily a few hours into the day but this is because I have very oily skin so for those with dry skin this would be better suited to you.  

Good points 

- Gives a nice soft smooth base for foundation
- Makes skin really like "baby skin"
- A good value primer for £7.99 
- Great primer for those who haven't used a primer and want to see how it's like without splashing out
- Not drying at all which was a disadvantage to me but is definitely  an advantage to you dry skin girls

Bad points

- Didn't cover my pores at all 
- Felt greasy on my skin (nose area) as it didn't suit my already oily skin type
- Didn't make a difference to how long my foundation lasted 

Overall I would not repurchase this product but I don't mind finishing it because I do like how it makes my foundation go on because it makes my skin so smooth. I recommend this product to dry skin girls who want a nice base and for those who want to try out a primer but not spend £20.

Have you tried this primer? What were your thoughts?  

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Favourite Go To Outfit Of The Month ▲

Hello lovelies I think we all have that go to outfit that we can wear and still make it look like we gave it a lot of thought when really we just woke up late. I'm trying to build up my go to outfits at the moment since I always wake up late and having go to outfits in mind really help cut time when i'm staring at a full closet saying to myself  "I got nothing to wear" which sometimes actually makes myself feel guilty because I do and some people don't even have that. 

So this is my fool proof outfit of the month - A gorgeous green jumper I grabbed in the new look sale for £11 with a ASOS cream button up underneath, what I love about this shirt is that it has tiny gold skulls on the collar button and on the sleeves button which personally I think small details like that really make a outfit more unique looking. 

I paired that with a new leather jacket purchase from Topshop, I adore the fur collar its sooo soft and really does keep me warm- And on the bottoms I usually paired it with some riding pants or black skinnys and boots. 

Whats your go to outfit of the month? I would love to know ^.^

Friday, 17 January 2014

Half Price Soap & Glory Gift Set Bargain: In The Bag

Hello lovelies, not gonna lie I am a soap and glory addict I love all their products so when xmas passes and they have the S&G sets on sale I get so excited lol

I got the gift set In The Bag purely because it has my all time favorite product - soap and glory pulp friction (Review Here) and other amazing full size products which are Foam Call (Review Here) Butter Yourself, Endless Glove and also a very cute shower cap which I actually need because of my colored hair. This all came in a very cute case which can be reused as a little beauty travel case. 

I got this set for £17.50 from £35.00 which I think is a bargain since all of these products added up to £31.00 with the separate products alone. 

I think this may have gone more down in their recant sale but I didn't catch any of this set, I think (most likely not after seeing the crowds the other day going crazy) that the sale is still on so I still highly urge you take a quick glimpse in case you might find a gem in your local boots. 

Leme know if your grabbed some s&g bargains or any bargains in boots since there was a lot