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Monday, 24 February 2014

NOTD : Mauve Kiss

Hello lovelies, recently I have been loving wearing this nail polish by Maybelline, its from the Color show range in the shade Mauve Kiss - I love the name of this as well but the color is so gorgeous! Its such a pretty neutral and I had gotten a lot of compliments on my nails when wearing this which I find so strange since its such a simple color you would think people would just over look it. 

I'm also really impressed by the formula its not too thick or runny and it dries pretty quick too. What I love the most is the brush its the perfect shape and a fool proof brush for a messy nail polish applier like me. The only down side to this polish is that it can get a bit bumpy but that may be down to how crap I am at applying nail polish haha. 

Have you tried the polishes? What do you think of them? 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Just In: The £6 Slip Dress

Hello lovelies hope your all well, I picked up this slip dress from new look in their sale for only £6! It was reduced from £14.99 and the quality of it is so good plus the colour which was what sold me, the blue is perfect for the coming spring/summer and the material is a nice chiffon which feels really floaty and sweet. 

I have seen a lot of slip dresses in various places eg Zara but I just didn't feel the need to spend that much for a bit of material with thin straps, but when I saw this for £6 and calculated how a meal at Starbucks adds up to the same amount (even more sometimes) in a matter of seconds I was at the till paying for it minutes before I started work. 

I have found it on their online site here but unfortunately it seems to be out of stock, but check your local New Look guys because they have some really nice bargains going on. 

I have actually created a little wish list below with items that I picture wearing with this dress with. I just can not wait for summer to come around!


What do you think of the dress? And have you found any bargains recently? 

Monday, 10 February 2014

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream In Fandango Purple

£4.99 Avaiable At Superdrug  Here
Hello lovelies, I love a good lip cream especially ones that are matte! I spotted this in superdrug a few months ago and thought I would give my thoughts on it since there are some good points yet unfortunately some bad which may put people off. 

First off I can't deny that this stuff is amazingly pigmented for the price and seriously it don't budge! Also this is an amazing colour to wear if your going out and want a really bright lip to sort of stand out of the crowd, the colour is so pretty its a vibrant pinky, purple with blue undertones and sets on the lips in a matte velvety texture. Also one thing to note is that this stuff drys super fast I mean supppper fast you have to be careful where you place it because it sets and it wont come off unless you use make up remover even then there is sometimes a purple hint, so have cotton buds with make up remover at the ready when applying. I wore this and it lasted about 4 hours until it went very dry and faded into a dry stain. 

Which leads me on to the biggest down side, it is very drying! and although matte creams tend to be on the drying side, this is a bit too dry for my liking, so exfoliation and a moisturizing lip balm is a must before you put this on or this will settle in the cracks of your lips which ruins the whole matte lip look.

But if you properly prep your lips for this product at £4.99 I think this is an amazing colour that won't break the bank. 

What do you think of this product? 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Beauty Tips & Tricks I Swear By

Hello lovelies hope your all well today I thought I would share with you some of my beauty tips that I absolutely swear by in my day to day routine. I have picked up these tips from everywhere from my family, talented YouTube beauty gurus and of course bloggers. 

Blot your skin with tissue after applying foundation to reduce/stop oxidation. 
The first tip is actually one of my most important and when I found out about this I was so shocked it worked. I had a real bad time with my foundation oxidizing and going darker (this happens when the foundation mixes with your natural oils) Thanks to the talented Wayne Goss from gossmakeupartist I found a way to combat this and that is by using a simple tissue. 
So what you do is get a thin layer of tissue and blot your skin after applying foundation, it will get rid of the excess oil from the foundation and reduce oxidation of your foundation and believe me this works, it is the smallest thing but made a big difference to how my foundation lasted throughout the day. Now I make sure I blot my skin without fail every day. 

Apply mascara going inwards. 
If you want taller looking lashes apply mascara going inwards rather than outwards as when you apply mascara outwards it makes them appear shorter as they go horizontal, where as applying inwards straightens the lashes thus making them appear longer. 

Use natural house hold products to get rid of spots and cold sores. 
Spots or cold sores? For spots once you first notice redness or the bump leave it alone do not touch it! Instead get a cotton bud and put some toothpaste (tea tree oil works great too) on it to put on the spot, this will dry out the spot making the spot go away faster- but please don't pop it that is the worst thing you can do for your skin and it will leave marks.  

For cold sores I swear by this, as soon as you notice it get some vapour rub (Vicks) and get a cotton bud and place it on the infected area. It will reduce it dramatically (note it may sting but that means its working) 

Clear nail polish to remove old polish. 
This is a new one I learnt, if you have run out of of nail polish remover apply clear nail polish over the top of your old polish and then wipe off after a few seconds, It will remove the old polish.

Use baby/olive oil to remove heavy make up.
Carrying on with the theme where you have just ran out of something, in this case make up remover! What do you do when you have a full face of make up especially waterproof mascara- Use baby oil or olive oil on a cotton pad and it will just melt away all your makeup- but make sure you wash your face directly after as the oil may break you out, if this is the case only use it for eyes.  

Cut split ends without sacrificing length by the twist and cut. 
This tip is for those deadly split ends, rather than chopping your hair short wasting the time you spent growing it cut split ends by twisting your hair and the hairs sticking out are your split ends. This method means you get rid of your split ends and don't sacrifice the length of the hair.

Get fast waves by straightening over your plaited/braided hair. 
I could never get the whole overnight messy waves by doing the plaits thing, I always woke up with bushy hair with kinks in them, only resulting to have to straighten my hair which defeats the purple of a heat-less hair style.
This method of getting nice waves is much fast and easy to do, all you do is plait/braid your hair loosely, I normally do 3 as I have thin hair and also want a more looser wave. Then I just get my straightener and go over the plait a few times and then release the plait and I have those nice beachy waves. To make sure the waves last I use some hairspray and it lasts nearly all day. 

Fix your winged liner with a brush and make up remover. 
If you have messed up your winged liner its really easy to fix it, just get a thin brush put some make up remover on it and in one stroke get rid of the bit where you messed up and you will be left with a perfect wing. 

I hope you picked up some tips or even reminded you of those you already knew, Let me know what your beauty tips and tricks are ^.^