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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lush Tea Tree Water Toner

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water 100g: £3.95

Hello lovelies hope your all well ^.^ For the past few months I really haven't been having the best skin days. So I have been trialing certain skincare products and the Lush tea tree toner has made it into my staple skin care routine. This stuff is amazing, I never thought a toner would make such a difference to my skin. 

This product is basically a toner which is filled with tea tree and other natural goodness. From researching I found that tea tree is great for spot prone skin and also oily skin. A bit of background, before I started using this toner I used to wake up with such an oily face it was getting pretty annoying and I knew this was one of the main reasons I was breaking out so much. 

After using this toner for about 3 weeks straight my skin went back to normal. Its like it done a reset on my skin completely because I have stopped waking up with an oily face. The tea tree toner really helped in balancing my skin by controlling the oil. 

The toner comes in a spray bottle which is so handy. After cleansing my face I tend to use it mostly by spraying it on a cotton pad and then wiping away all the dirt and grime that my cleanser didn't catch, and seriously it really does grab every little scrap of dirt. 

I also use it by directly spraying the toner on my face, it feels really refreshing and its suppose to tighten pores if you leave it to air dry. 

I do believe that this stuff has helped with my breakouts since I have noticed a huge difference in my skin and this is one of the products I have been using religiously. Even though it does control oil, it in no means makes my skin super dry, my skin just feels normal and hydrated. 

The Lush tea tree toner comes in 2 sizes, the 100g which retails for £3.95 this is the one I have and its been lasting pretty well. It is also available in a larger size in a 250g bottle for £7.50 which is massive and is predictable that it will last you a very long time. 

Overall I really do recommend this product, its a god send for oily skinned girls like me, and I think its definitely worth a try since all the ingredients in this are natural and it can only do good for the skin.

Have you tried this toner? Which is your favorite toner?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New Additions To My Life ☼

Hello lovelies hope your all well ^.^ I feel as if i've been a little absent from blogging, uni work has been crazzzy busy, I don't even have time to eat and sleep since all I am doing is editing, and cropping and rendering and coding its all too much computer stuff and just really need a break to be honest. 

I did do a little tiny bit of retail therapy though and the first thing I want to show you guys is this beauty *Love Struck Emoji* I spotted this bag in Zara and fell in love with the colour, the size, the look everything but like a fool didn't buy it at the time, when I got home though I realized what a big mistake I made, so me and my best friend went on a hunt in central to buy it. Long story short we looked in like 4 Zaras all out of stock until we finally found it, we actually purchased the last two in store. 

The colour is gorgeous especially for this spring/summer, and let me tell you its the most efficient bag iv had in a long time. The size is nice and small yet it fits soooo much. The two zips compartments keeps my more precious things while the open tote bit in the middle is perfect for things to chuck in and bring out. My favorite part is the little compartment at the front because it perfect to keep my oyster. If you live in London you know how frustrating it can be when you need your oyster card to tap in and out for trains and rummaging through your big bag can be a pain. 

I am in love with this body spray from Holister, I love body sprays because they are so light and this one smells so sweet and fruity. I really like their body sprays and planning to get more when London gets a bit hotter. 

I got these flats from Forever 21, I don't shop there often because its not too near me like other stores but these flats are so nice. I needed a pair of nice nude flats and these are going to be perfect for summer.  

I was in need for a lip balm and picked the burt's bees one up since I haven't tried this. My first impressions are not to wowed, I feel like it dries out my lips more when I don't have it on, but it does keep my lips moisturized while its on. The grapefruit in it is quite addictive to apply as well. 

That is the main stuff I have got recently, what have you picked up recently?