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Friday, 4 July 2014

The Kylie Jenner Inspired Lip

Hello lovelies hope you all well, in the recent months Kylie Jenner's make-up particularly her lips have really caught my attention, her make up is just stunning along with her fashion sense too. The picture that really inspired me was this one here.

I'm loving her nudy-pinky-browny lip colour but haven't found a lipstick that matches the picture (if anyone knows what lip colour she is wearing I would love to know) but in the meantime I came up with my own little combination to create a nudey-pink colour.

The main lip product I used was the Max Factor Color Elixir Lip Liner in the shade {04 Pink Princess} I really love this lip liner its not too drying for a lip liner that is, and I like how it glides on the lips smoothly and doesn't tug like other lip liners I have used.

However wearing this on its own was a little bit too drying so I used a minimal amount of the third colour in the Bobbie Brown Lip Pallete which has beautiful shades in it and I should use it more but on their own they just dont sit right on my lips, which is why mixing it with other lipsticks solves that problem. I also patted on slightly MAC {Chatterbox} just to make the lip combination last that bit longer.

What has your favourite lip combination been?


  1. This is so pretty, it's such a nice lip that would go well with EVERYTHING. Love, love love it! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    1. Your so right it really does go with everything ^.^ glad you love it yay xx

  2. You look super cute !

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  3. Such a gorgeous look! Kylie Jenner's makeup is so stunning.

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

    1. Thankyou and i know i am just in love with her make up xx

  4. Ooh that looks lovely! I'm so lazy with my lips, just slicking on some balm but i'm goig to try this out!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  5. Aw, my kind of lip colour, simple but pretty. Your so pretty too.
    Rumbielove xx

    1. aww thankyou! so sweet of you to say ^.^ xx

  6. You look beautiful!:)
    Anyway, I have new outfit post on my blog, so if you are interested check it out:)
    Have a lovely day, kisses
    Christine G ♥

  7. you did a great job with this lip look! the shade is spot on and i can see how the lip liner makes all the edges perfect!
    might have to try this combo myself...
    A Beautiful Zen


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