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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Amazing Eyebrow Products That Aren't Meant To Be For Them

Bobbie Brown Gel Liner (Brown)
Eyeko Liquid Liner (Black)
Clinique Mascara 
Avon Angled Brush


  1. I use eyeshaddow to fill in my brows, not eyebrow powder as I find it stays so much better! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. You have such a beautiful blog design.
    Great post.

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  3. Such handy tips! I fill in my brows daily, so it's always helpful to hear about unexpected products that do the trick :)


  4. I tried the bobbie brown liquid liner at sephora but I didn't like it as much as the Anastasia pencil. It's a twist pencil, very soft, and I'd say it's like a mix of pen and pencil. Try it out. Thanks for this post :) nothing completes your makeup like eyebrows.


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